Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil

Taking CBD oil
"What time is the best time to take CBD oil? These products are typically used beneath the tongue. They interact with the tissues in your mouth and throat, and they produce effects within a few minutes. Timing is critical. Unlike other edible products (like gummies or mints), CBD oils don't come with long delays. You'll want to use them very close to the point at which you'd like them to work. Just as everyone is different, so are CBD oil user's preferences. Some stick with mornings. Others like midday doses. And some only take them at night. Where are you on this spectrum?

Best Time to Take CBD Oil: Morning

Should your CBD oil become part of your wakeup routine? Plenty of people think so. Often, exercise habits prompt this decision. Of adults who exercise regularly, about half do so in the morning. They slip out of bed, slide into workout gear, and get their hearts pumping. Sometimes, their muscles aren't quite ready for the task at hand. Using CBD oil in the morning could make sense for people who seem stiff and sore after workouts (or who are tempted to skip said workouts due to the fear of discomfort). You could also use CBD oil in the morning to address:
  • Pain. Aching muscles, creaking bones, or a pounding headache could make the day tough.
  • Concentration. It’s hard to get your work done when your brain is bouncing from one topic to another.
  • Anxiety. Impending meetings or big pitches could leave you filled with fear.

Best Time to Take CBD Oil: Lunchtime

Should a drop of product wrap up your midday meal? Some people think so. Almost half of all people who use CBD products do so due to nonspecific pain. That discomfort could worsen throughout the day due to:
  • Repeated motions. Typing, operating machinery, or moving products could put the same muscle groups into action over and over.
  • Sitting. Remaining parked in your chair all day could be hard on your back and hips.
  • Caregiving. Running after a toddler or helping an elder could tax almost every muscle group.

Best Time to Take CBD Oil: Evening

More than half of all American adults don’t get enough sleep at least one night per month. Some of us struggle every night. For people like this, an evening dose might make sense. Add CBD oil to your evening ritual by dropping some beneath your tongue after brushing your teeth. Or put some in your evening tea to help you wind down.

CBD Oils for Any Time of Day

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