Does CBD Oil Need to Be Refrigerated?

"You've just made your first purchase, and now you're wondering, "Should CBD oil be refrigerated?" You're not alone. One American in seven uses CBD-based products, researchers say. But most of us are relatively new to the practice. Government regulations regarding hemp production and use are shifting. A decade or so ago, CBD use was uncommon because it was illegal. You couldn't even find products, much less go online and learn how to use them. Your parents and grandparents can't answer your questions about how to store CBD oil, as they may not have purchased these products themselves. Know this. It's never a bad idea to refrigerate CBD oil. You can't harm the products by popping them in your refrigerator between doses. But you can, in some cases, store CBD products in other spaces within your house and do just fine.

When You Should Refrigerate CBD Oil

As we mentioned, there's no harm in using the refrigerator for your product storage space. Slip it into the door or slide it onto a shelf, and you'll know your investment is always protected. But there are times when you absolutely must store your product here. Should CBD oil be refrigerated? The answer is β€œyes” if:
  • The manufacturer says so. Plenty of CBD extraction methods exist, and some are more stable than others. If your producer taps into a method that doesn't retain potency over the long term, you'll see warnings on the label. Follow them carefully.
  • You live in a hot place. Temperatures in Death Valley in August of 2020 reached 130 degrees F. That's too hot for anything, including CBD. If you experience very hot summers, play it safe and keep your product safe within the refrigerator.
  • You don't like the taste. If your CBD oil is packaged in something like a tincture, you could get grassy notes on your tongue with each dose. Chocolates and gummies can take on these flavors too. Refrigeration could make those notes less noticeable.
If you do store your product in the refrigerator, check it often. If it’s pushed too far back, you could inadvertently freeze it. Prevent this problem with frequent checks.

How to Store CBD Oil Outside of the Refrigerator

You've decided that you don't have the room or the inclination to keep your product in your refrigerator. What can you do instead? Choose a place to store your product that is far from:
  • Light. Bright sunlight can spark evaporation and efficacy degradation. The dark bottles don't offer full protection.
  • Heat. Don't pop your product in front of a woodstove or heat vent.
  • Temperature shifts. Look for a spot that maintains a consistent temperature rather than a fluctuating one.
Check your product regularly to ensure it doesn't feel too hot or cold to the touch. And if you've used all of your CBD oil, we can help! Shop our selection of amazing products today."

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