How Does CBD Oil Affect Pregnancy?

"Should you use CBD oil during pregnancy? You’re not the only woman asking that question. Plenty of the products you find on store shelves and in online shops seem tailor-made for the discomfort and anxiety you feel as you wait for your baby to arrive. But you don’t want to do anything that could harm your baby in the long run. Few studies can help you determine if CBD oil is safe for pregnancy. Researchers just haven’t done the work yet. But we’ll help you understand why you might consider these products and how you can use them safely.

CBD Oil, Pregnancy, and Marijuana

CBD is an active ingredient found in two types of plants: hemp and marijuana. You know this, and we know this. But some researchers don't. Many studies conducted on the safety of CBD oil and pregnancy used products that come from marijuana plants. These products could contain THC, and research suggests that element is not healthy for a developing baby. Few (or no) studies have been done with products that were exclusively made from hemp plants. These products would have no dangerous THC at all. At the moment, researchers say that there are no comprehensive studies that can tell a pregnant woman how CBD-only products could impact her, her developing baby, or her breastfeeding child.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Pregnancy?

While we're not sure how CBD products could move from your body to your baby's, we do know a bit about how the products could impact a woman's health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says CBD products have been linked to:
  • Liver health. The products could harm your liver.
  • Medication efficacy. Are you taking other products to help improve your health? CBD could interfere with them.
  • Interactions. If you’re using other substances, such as alcohol, CBD could interact with them in negative ways.
Some CBD manufacturers also produce products that are laced with substances that aren’t safe for developing babies, such as THC, pesticides, and fungus. The industry is widely unregulated, experts say, so it’s hard for authorities to crack down on companies that aren’t making products safe for consumers.

CBD Oil and Pregnancy Don’t Always Mix

Given the lack of scientific consensus and the risks involved, you may decide that CBD isn't right for you during pregnancy. But plenty of women feel differently. Pregnancy often causes problems like nausea, sleeping problems, and anxiety. Carrying a baby can also put pressure on bones, joints, and tendons. Some women feel CBD is the best answer, and that prescription drugs come with their own risks for babies. If you're considering CBD use during pregnancy, talk with your doctor about your decision. Bring your product of choice along for the discussion, and explain why you're considering the product. If we can answer any questions about our products for you or your doctor, contact us! We'd love to help."

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