How Does Topical CBD Work?

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CBD topicals are commonly sought out to manage issues of localized pain and muscle aches in the body. Many people have found success in using CBD topicals, such as lotions or creams, on areas where they struggle with chronic pain. While some users apply CBD topicals and find relief with no other CBD products, others use them in combination with ingestible CBD products like CBD oils to manage ongoing issues with rheumatic pain or pain related to injury.

How Are CBD Topical Products Used?

CBD oils, creams, lotions, and sticks can be applied directly to the area where pain and aches are felt. In general, if CBD oils are used topically, more will be needed than if it is taken internally simply because the skin barrier makes it more difficult for the CBD to be absorbed. You may find that you prefer to use a larger amount of a CBD topical at once or that you find more efficacy when you use a smaller amount repeatedly throughout the day.

How Does Topical CBD Work?

With topical CBD products, the CBD is applied directly to the skin. It is absorbed into the area where pain is experienced with the goal of providing localized relief. There is limited research available to demonstrate how CBD topicals work to manage pain. Epidemiological evidence, or reports from people who use CBD topicals, is available. Some report immense relief from using topical CBD creams or lotions alone; others find a modicum of relief using CBD oils in combination with topicals. Still others do not find that the serving size of CBD in topical products is enough to help them. Each person’s experience with the use of CBD topicals for pain will be unique.

How Do I Know if CBD Topical Products Will Work for Me?

Experimentation is the best way to determine what CBD topical products work best for you and which ones you enjoy using the most. There are different amounts of CBD in different products, which will make a difference in how the product shows up in your system. You may also find that you enjoy using a CBD cream instead of a CBD stick, or vice versa. Ultimately, the CBD topical that will work best for you is the one you will use. And that will only happen if you can be consistent and like the smell and feel of the product. Try out a few different options to find the ones you like best before deciding.

How Long Does a Topical CBD Last?

This is also going to be different for every user. Again, it’s important to experiment with different amounts of product, different products with different serving sizes of CBD, and different combinations of CBD products to see how long the effects of each last for you. Check out Reliva’s CBD topicals, CBD oils, beverages, and more. Begin exploring the world of CBD products today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]"

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