How to Spot Fake CBD Oil

Ban of the bottle of CBD oil with the symbol of a cananbis leaf written on it (flat design)
Though a 2020 study concluded that more than half of samples of so-called CBD products on the market were found to contain no hemp-related products, there are a number of companies creating solid CBD products that are not contaminated in any way and that contain exactly what they say they contain when it comes to CBD. Because the FDA is still in the process of setting up the infrastructure that will manage regulation, consumers are tasked with figuring out for themselves which CBD products are real and which CBD products are fake, or contain no CBD.

Here are a few key signs that indicate a fake CBD oil:

  • The ingredients list is missing or misleading. Some products contain no indication of what is included or how large the serving size of cannabis extract may be or the concentration, as appropriate to the product. In others, misleading terms are used to falsely inflate the notion of how strong the product is. For example, β€œcannabis sativa oil” is not CBD but a simple hemp oil that contains no CBD at all.
  • It comes in a clear bottle. In order to protect the ingredients inside from light exposure, CBD products are best kept in brown bottles. Clear bottles can mean that any real CBD inside is likely not very potent.
  • The product is very inexpensive. When it comes to CBD products, you generally get what you pay for. This does not necessarily mean that the expensive CBD products are uncontaminated or contain what they say they do, but it does mean that very cheap CBD products are almost always fake.
  • The product was purchased from a convenience store. Gas station CBD is about as high quality as gas station sushi. It’s generally recommended to avoid both in the interest of safety.
  • The company makes overblown claims about how their CBD products work or what they can do. It is not uncommon for marketing claims for supplements to be a bit over the top, but any CBD company that claims that their products can β€œcure” an issue, work in a very short amount of time, or work for everyone, no matter what, is likely just trying to get money.
The truth is that most reports on the efficacy of CBD are anecdotal, coming from users who have experienced different effects. Not everyone sees the same results or in the same amount of time, but they will certainly only see results if they are buying CBD products from companies that:
  • Actually create products that contain CBD.
  • Have transparency in their production processes.
  • Are clear about ingredients and CBD extract serving sizes.
  • Package the product properly.
  • Do not attempt to mislead customers with overblown claims.
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