What Does a CBD Drink Do?

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CBD drinks are refreshing, taste good, and come with a small serving of CBD. Some people like CBD drinks because they think the drinks taste better than other ingestible CBD products like tinctures and oils. Others prefer CBD drinks because they have a modest serving of CBD, which allows them to get the effects without taking too much. It also allows them to spread their serving out over a longer period of time rather than taking it all at once. For others, CBD drinks allow them to augment their CBD levels throughout the day with minimal servings.

What Is a CBD Drink?

A CBD drink is as simple as it sounds: a beverage that includes a small serving of CBD. Some are flavored and stand alone in 12-ounce or 16-ounce servings, designed to be consumed like any other beverage. Others are served in the form of CBD “shots.” These beverages are usually about 2 ounces and flavored. They are made to be consumed all at once, providing a small serving of CBD in a flavorful form. In some cases, CBD beverages are sold as mixes. Distributed in packets or a tub, these allow consumers to dissolve them in water or other drinks. There are even unflavored options that make it possible to use them in coffee or other strongly flavored beverages.

What Does a CBD Drink Do?

The effects of a CBD drink will vary from person to person. Like all CBD products, there are a number of factors to consider. A CBD drink usually contains a small serving of CBD, but some individuals may be more or less susceptible to the substance. If CBD drinks are consumed in addition to other CBD products, they may have a stronger effect as well.

Do I Mix CBD Drink Mixes With Hot or Cold Beverages?

Some companies, like Reliva, offer drink mix packets that contain CBD, so users can enjoy the beverage of their choice with their CBD serving. They can also be discreet about their CBD use, in the event that it is a concern. It is possible to use these drink mix packages in hot or cold beverages, but there are a few tips that are important to consider:
  • Hot drinks will allow the CBD mix to dissolve more rapidly.
  • Unflavored drink mixes will let stronger flavored drinks (like coffee or soda) shine without changing the flavor.
  • Cold drinks may require a little extra mixing time. It may be a good idea to use a shake mix bottle with a ball or whisk ball inside or to dissolve the mix into boiling water before adding the cold beverage.
  • Mixing CBD packets with alcohol may diminish the positive health effects.

    Where Do I Find High-Quality CBD Drinks?

Reliva offers a range of CBD drink mixes featuring different flavors to suit every taste, as well as 2-ounce options that provide a pick-me-up serving for those in a hurry. Check out the CBD drinks and drink mix options available at Reliva today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]"

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