Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, please send us a message at We look forward to assisting you!

  1. Why is there a cancer warning label on my Reliva CBD product? Please note, this language is required by the State of California and is on a large number of consumer items. Additional information can be found at the California OEHHA website:

  2. Why are there slight differences in the same Reliva CBD product that I purchase from time to time?

    • The products can vary in color from clear to amber to brown. The smell can also vary from an earthy, plant-like smell to non-odorous. This variation is normal. The texture in each product can also vary somewhat based on the weight and thickness of the ingredients. The fill line also can vary from the high-speed production line variations. The texture, color, and smell can also change based on temperature conditions. Regardless of variation, we verify the contents of every product with an extensive panel of testing to assure product quality.

    • Regardless of product differences you might notice, our strict quality control measures remain in place and are verified for every batch produced of every product we sell.

    • We confirm the amount of CBD in every product because we verify every batch by testing performed at a licensed, certified, third-party, independent laboratory. We publish the laboratory’s Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for every Reliva batch on our website:

    •  Packaging materials and labeling may change over time because of material availability, statutory or regulatory requirements, or otherwise.

    • These changes are a necessary part of the product development process, but if you ever have questions about product variations, please feel free to contact us a

  3. I am interested in partnering with Reliva, LLC as a wholesaler, online third-party marketplace, etc. What should I do? Thank you for your interest. Please send us a message at: and someone will follow-up with you shortly.

  4. Why should I take CBD and what is the best Reliva CBD product for me? Consult your physician. We cannot make any recommendations for you. Thanks for your understanding.

  5. How can I track my Reliva CBD order online? After placing your online order, you will receive an email titled, “Note added to your Reliva CBD order…” – please check this email for your tracking number.

  6. I purchased Reliva CBD products at a retail store and they were defective, but I am not able to return them. What should I do? Please send us a message at and someone will follow-up with you shortly.

  7. On your website, it states that my local retailer carries Reliva CBD products but when I went to the retailer to purchase, they were out of stock. What should I do? Please send us the name and address of your local retailer so we can follow-up with them.

  8. Your website will not allow me to purchase the Reliva CBD products I want. What can I do? We apologize for the inconvenience. In certain states, we only sell topical CBD products or do not sell any CBD products at all because of state laws and regulations. Please join our email list so we can contact you when we are able to ship the Reliva CBD products you want to your shipping state.

  9. I have not received my welcome email with my 15% off promotion code. What should I do? This welcome promotion code is only available to NEW customers. When you enter your email address, you will receive a subscription confirmation email. Once you confirm, you will receive your welcome email with your promotion code. If it does not arrive in a matter of seconds, please check your spam/junk email folder.

  10. Can I order Reliva CBD products if I live outside of the United States? Unfortunately, no. We only sell and ship our products within the United States at this time.

  11. Is Reliva currently working with affiliates? No, at this time we do not have an affiliate program in place. Should that change, we will provide a link to the program on our homepage.

  12. Is Reliva currently hiring? At this time, Reliva does not have any open positions and is not hiring. Should that change, we will provide a link to our open positions on our website.

  13. Is Reliva CBD full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate? All Reliva CBD products are currently made with CBD isolate.

  14. How do I check the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for my Reliva CBD product? Locate the product batch number (printed on the label or printed on the product) and click on the COA link on our website homepage. On the COA page, enter your batch number to pull up the applicable COA. If you have a QR code scanner on your mobile device, you can also scan the QR code on your Reliva product and it will take you to the COA page of our website.