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Reliva CBD

Reliva CBD is a premium health and wellness company. Our team has years of experience working on behalf of consumers to help improve their quality of life, and our customer satisfaction is why Reliva’s CBD products are among the best-selling in the U.S

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We ensure zero THC

We have independent lab testing on all finished goods, ensuring peace of mind for our consumers. We know that what is not in our product is just as important as what is — that’s why our testing doesn’t just focus on CBD content. We also ensure our products are free of pesticides, mold, and heavy metals.

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Why Reliva

The Reliva Difference

At Reliva, quality is our top priority. We invest in quality and we prove it. We show that every batch has the all the CBD it says on the package.

We Care

Our CBD Gummies, CBD Oils, and CBD Beverages, are free of gluten, soy, and animal byproducts. Thats why we have countless positive reviews

Peace of Mind

Our raw materials are American sourced to be as natural and clean as possible. Every product is sent to an external lab to test not just for CBD content, but to ensure there are ZERO unwanted ingredients such as heavy metals or other chemicals.

We have nothing to hide

Reliva products are gluten free and vegetarian friendly. Reliva CBD is derived from traditionally grown hemp. You can find the lab test for each batch. Just scan the QR code in your product.

What People Are Saying

Teresa G.

Verified Buyer

Great product

"This spray is very easy to use and very convenient to take with you when you're out and about. I like that you can just take it out and spray it in your mouth whenever you want to use it, you don't have to worry about spilling the bottle of oil or measuring out how much oil to use. It tastes pretty pleasant and it gives a pretty fast feeling of beRead more about review stating Great product

ing calmer when you want to calm down quickly. This is a nice and kind of unique product that I hope they won't stop producing"

Patricia W.

Verified buyer

Sleeping like a baby

Using this product I am able to sleep 6+ hours every night without getting up. Additionally I do not wake up achy or tired. I am well into my 70’s and feel refreshed after a night’s sleep. My morning anxiety, which began during the pandemic has been significantly reduced

Merry R.

Verified Buyer


The CBD cream and the CBD stick have been the miracle pain reliever in my life. When I got my first vaccination, my arm was so sore, that I could hardly lift it. For the second one, I rubbed the cream on it right after. The soreness never came. It works wonders on my knees also. Reliva surpasses all of the pain rubs, I have ever used.

Barbara B.

Verified Buyer


Hubby has knees that need replacing. He’s young so trying to hold off as long as he can. This product is amazing! It relieves his pain almost instantly. Only ordered one but plan to set up the auto ship option. Thanks for making a great product.