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No more sleeping pills

"Iv'e been using this product for over 2 years now. Iv'e read where people have used it for different reasons mine is getting to sleep at night. No more sleeping pills. Iv'e never used anything stronger because this works great.."


"I bought the cream for my arthritis. Pills never seem to get to the pain in knees and ankle. This greaseless odor free cream works on reducing the inflammation and knocking out the pain. I bought an extra jar for a friend suffering neuropathy after Chemo - Radiation for Breast Cancer. She said it worked in conjunction with the CBD gummies."

The best tasting gummies on the market

"The gummies are the best tasting gummies on the market. They offer quick pain relief and do not have to be refrigerated."

Neither one of us go anywhere without it

"I’m 65 and my mother is 91. We both use CBD cream for arthritis. Actually she uses it for itches too. Neither one of us go anywhere without it. The pain relief is almost instant. "

It relieves his pain almost instantly

Hubby has knees that need replacing. He’s young so trying to hold off as long as he can. This product is amazing! It relieves his pain almost instantly. Only ordered one but plan to set up the auto ship option. Thanks for making a great product.

Has helped my planters fasciitis SO much!

"Reliva CBD Cream has helped my planters fasciitis SO much! I had been struggling and in pain for months and using this cream has given me great relief. I would highly recommend it."

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Understanding Our CBD Product Range


  • Sustain your wellness throughout your day or night
  • A flavorful option for those who value taste and well-being
  • Crafted for longer-lasting wellness experiences

CBD Oils

  • Experience a sense of calm and focus
  • Customize your wellness routine with ease
  • Quick absorption for timely well-being

CBD Shots

  • A convenient boost for your wellness journey
  • Pre-measured for hassle-free consumption
  • Designed for quick incorporation into your routine

CBD Capsules

  • A steady companion for your day-long wellness
  • Slow-release formulation for enduring well-being
  • Suited for those who prefer a routine approach to wellness

CBD Topicals

  • Target your wellness right where you want it
  • Localized application for focused well-being
  • Directly engages with your skin for a soothing experience

Why Reliva?

At Reliva, quality is our top priority. We invest in quality and we prove it. We show that every batch has the all the CBD it says on the package.

We care

Our CBD Gummies, CBD Oils, and CBD Beverages, are free of gluten, soy, and animal byproducts. That’s why we have countless positive reviews

Peace of mind

Our raw materials are American sourced to be as natural and clean as possible. Every product is sent to an external lab to test not just for CBD content, but to ensure there are ZERO unwanted ingredients such as heavy metals or other chemicals.

Lab tested

We ensure that all of our products are lab tested by a third party to guarantee they contain 0% THC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is what our clients asked…
Why is there a cancer warning label on my Reliva CBD product? 
Please note, this language is required by the State of California and is on a large number of consumer items. Additional information can be found at the California OEHHA website:
Why are there slight differences in the same Reliva CBD product that I purchase from time to time?
The products can vary in color from clear to amber to brown. The smell can also vary from an earthy, plant-like smell to non-odorous. This variation is normal. The texture in each product can also vary somewhat based on the weight and thickness of the ingredients. The fill line also can vary from the high-speed production line variations. The texture, color, and smell can also change based on temperature conditions. Regardless of variation, we verify the contents of every product with an extensive panel of testing to assure product quality.Regardless of product differences you might notice, our strict quality control measures remain in place and are verified for every batch produced of every product we sell.We confirm the amount of CBD in every product because we verify every batch by testing performed at a licensed, certified, third-party, independent laboratory. We publish the laboratory’s Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for every Reliva batch on our website: Packaging materials and labeling may change over time because of material availability, statutory or regulatory requirements, or otherwise.These changes are a necessary part of the product development process, but if you ever have questions about product variations, please feel free to contact us a
I am interested in partnering with Reliva, LLC as a wholesaler, online third-party marketplace, etc. What should I do?
Thank you for your interest. Please send us a message at: and someone will follow-up with you shortly.
Why should I take CBD and what is the best Reliva CBD product for me?
Consult your physician. We cannot make any recommendations for you. Thanks for your understanding.
How can I track my Reliva CBD order online?
After placing your online order, you will receive an email titled, “Note added to your Reliva CBD order…” – please check this email for your tracking number.